January 15, 2009

Mishka Bootleg Black Bart Tee

New York based streetwear label Mishka joins the slew of other brands in releasing Obama inauguration day products.

January 20th is an important day because it marks a pretty epic change in the course of American politics. Not to get all politically-heavy with you guys, but “change” is a comin’. This very change - which is rolling in waves - has affected us here at Mishka too. To the point where we’ve succumbed to peer pressure and finally caved into the Obama train. But being the jaded, peanut gallery we are, regardless of change, politics is politics. A famous presidential candidate once said “You can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig.”
So to celebrate this monumental/business-as-usual day, Mishka has decided to release an Obama tee in the only way it makes sense to us – Bootleg Black Bart style. Influenced by Young Jeezy’s “Black President” and fueled by our resentment for the run-of-the-mill Obama shirts sold everywhere, Mishka’s Bootleg Black Bart tee embodies exactly what Mishka fans expect of the brand and expect of a Mishka/Obama shirt.

5 days from history. Get ready.

Cop It!

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