January 14, 2009

B.I.G Tribute Day 6 - Notorious Thugs

Armed and dangerous, ain't too many can bang with us
Straight up weed no angel dust, label us Notorious
Thug a$$ niggaz that love to bust, it's strange to us
Y'all niggaz be scramblin, gamblin
Up in restaurants with mandolins, and violins
We just sittin here tryin to win, tryin not to sin
High off weed and lots of gin
So much smoke need oxygen, steadily countin them Benjamins
Nigga you should too, if you knew
What this game'll do to you
Been in this sh*t since ninety-two
Look at all the bullsh*t I been through
So-called beef with you know who
F*ck a few female stars or two
Then I bluelight niggaz knew like Mike's sh*t
Not to be f*cked with
Motherf*cker better duck quick, cause
Me and my dogs love to buck sh*t
F*ck the luck sh*t, strictly aim
No aspirations protect the game
Spit yo' game, talk yo' sh*t
Grab yo' gat, call yo' click
Squeeze yo' clip, hit the right one
Pass that weed, I got to light one
All them niggaz I got ta fight one
All them hoes I got ta like one
Our situation is a tight one
Whatcha gonna do, fight or run?
Seems to me that you'll take thee
Bone and Big, nigga die slowly
I'ma tell you like a nigga told me
Cash Rule Everything Around Me
Sh*t, lyrically, niggaz can't see me
Fu*k it, buy the coke
Cook the coke, cut it, blow the b*tch
Before you call yourself lovin it
Nigga you with a Benz fu*kin it
Doesn't it seem odd to you
Big come through with moms and crews
Goodfellas to to the Mo Thugs dudes
Who's the killa, me or you?

- Notorious Thugs

Notorious B.I.G - Notorious Thugs

The Heavyset one held his own on the Bone Thugs assisted track. Rapid fire flows combined with ill wordplay easily made B.I.G the illest on the track. Keep in mind that he used no pen to write. Life After Death was the album that showed versatility and his uncanny ability to murder any beat. Concepts, lyrics, and flows all combined made this is a classic album and took B.I.G into iconic status.

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