January 12, 2009

B.I.G Tribute Day 4 - Warning

Who the fuck is this?
pagin me at 5:46 in the mornin crack a dawnin
now I'm yawnin, wipe the cold out my eye
see who's this pagin me and why..
It's my nigga Pop from the barbershop
told me he was in the gamblin spot and heard the intricate plot
some people wanna stick you like fly paper neighbour
slow down love please chill drop the caper
remember them kidz from the hill up in Brownsville
that you rolled dice wit
smoked the blunts and got nice wit
yeah my little Fame up in Prospect
nah dem my people nah love wouldn't disrespect
I didn't say dem,
they schooled me to some niggas
that you knew from back when,
when you was clockin minor figures
Now they heard you blowin up like nitro
know they wanna stick the knife
through your windpipe slow..
so thank Fame for warnin me now I'm warnin you
you got the mac Biggie
tell me what you wanna do...

Damn niggas wanna stick me for my papers...

- Warning

"Warning" is the reality of knowing that success breeds envy and jealousy.
Big seamlessly tells the story of the "boy from the 'hood done good" Here is a glimpse of the life of Christopher Wallace not Biggie Smalls. Often people confuse the two but "Warning" was the reality of the come up.

Notorious B.I.G - Warning

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