January 03, 2009

ALIFE X Reebok Freestyle Hi

I've drank, I've stuffed my face and fell victim to the dreaded "I-tis" so I thought I would start the '09 on that fly shit. Once again the folks at ALIFE have taken a classic and added a few "Luxury" touches to the formula. The Reebok Freestyle Hi aka the 5411 dates back to the early eighties. Before rappers were getting sneaker endorsemnets the block dictated what that next "new lick" was. Affordable,comfortable, and available in a wide variety of colourways it's easy to see why these became a popular staple for all my ladies around the way. I remember my girl rocking the bubble gum pink joints. If it's not already evident I'm a sucker for fly chicks and fly kicks. Coincidentally shout to my girl Breeze who'll be celebrating her B-day on Monday.

One Love Ma Ma

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