January 16, 2009

B.I.G Tribute Day 8: Who Shot Ya!

Seperate the weak from the ob-solete
Hard to creep them brooklyn streets
Its on nigga, fuck all that bickering beef
I can hear sweat trickling down your cheek
Your heartbeat sound like sasquatch feet
Thundering, shaking the concrete
Finish it, stop, when I foil the plot
Neighbors call the cops said they heard mad shots
Saw me in the drop, three in the corner
Slaughter, electrical tape around your daughter
Old school new school need to learn though
I burn baby burn like disco inferno
Burn slow like blunts with ya-yo
Peel more skins than idaho potato
Niggaz know, the lyrics molestin is takin place
Fuckin with b.i.g. it aint safe
I make your skin chafe, rashes on the masses
Bumps and bruises, blunts and landcruisers
Big poppa smash fools, bash fools
Niggaz mad because I know that cash rules
Everything around me, two glock nines
Any motherfucker whispering about mines
And im, crooklyns finest
You rewind this, bad boys behind this

- Who Shot Ya!

Notorious B.I.G - Who Shot Ya!

It's Day 8 and I've got my tickets for Notorious. I'm hoping that Gravy doesn't tarnish the mans legacy too bad and looking forward to copping the DVD from my local bootlegger(Just kidding) Being that this is the last day of the tribute I had to post the best for last. Who Shot Ya is regarded as the track that ignited the East-West Coast beef between The Notorious B.I.G and Tupac Shakur. To many it's the proverbial "nail in the coffin" in which the lives of two young men with unlimited potential were taken. The loss of these two men not only affected the lives of those close to them but the world on a whole. To this day when the topic of G.O.A.T's(Greatest Of All Time) is brought up these names will always be mentioned. Endless debates upon who is better is something that still goes on to this day. One thing evident in both B.I.G and Tupac's music was the voice of the struggle. Here are two individuals who werent given the best opportunities but made the best of their own God given abilities. And Though they are no longer with us in the physical their spirits shall remain in the hearts of all.


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