September 05, 2009

On My Retro Ish!!!: Travel Fox

Today's flashback is courtesy of Travel Fox Footwear. Travel Fox had the aesthetics of being a casual shoe and sneaker in one. This made them top choice for the rude bwoys round the way. As a kid, in my neighbourhood Travel Fox was the official shoe of "Yardies". Light,comfortable,stylish and available in multiple colourways they were the prized possession of all who owned them. Even my Grandfather had a pair! They were black mid cuts with a splash of red,green, and gold. I swore he represented all things cool when he wore them. To this day the image of my Grandfather doing a two-step in his Travel Fox always brings a smile to my face. Miss you Grandad. Deuces.

Jovi Da Great


  1. iam looking for travel fox shoes.

  2. where can I get unused travel fox sneakers?

  3. when can i get these shoes to buy my husband loves them i want to get him five pair for his birthday next year where can i go to get them