September 25, 2009

On My Retro Ish!!!: New York Undercover

Back On my ish! Okay back when I used to worship the crack that is television the one show that I "NEVER" missed was New York Undercover. Every week Detectives J.C. Williams and Eddie Torres would go undercover fighting crime on the mean streets of New York City. NYU was a show that broke stereotypes often associated with Hip Hop. Williams & Torres represented individuals driven to their call of duty who also embraced the style, the music and the diverse culture of Hip Hop. Before I could hit up the club the place to see the flyest wears and the hottest artists of the time was New York Undercover. The cameos were some of Hip Hop's biggest stars such as Ice-T, The Notorious B.I.G, Mary J. Blige and so many more. Fox had it locked every Thursday. And the Soundtrack!? Strictly classic material. Unfortunately NYU's run was cut short after four years (1994-1998) but if you're lucky you can still catch the show in syndication.Times change but As always I'm "On My Retro Ish!"

Take notes, you might just learn something.


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