September 12, 2009

Who am I ? : Don Von JoVi

We are born with innate gifts, our duty is to embrace our gifts and share them with the world. For Toronto's own Don Von JoVi this means provoking an emotional response through his music. Raised in Toronto's Glendower Circuit housing complexes at an early age he began soaking in every detail of his surroundings. He began honing and fine tuning his writing skills as a hobby. Listening to the messages of a wide variety of musical styles (Reggae, Soul, & Hip Hop) he became inspired to write of his own experiences. Music became the opportunity to speak on the plights he a faced on a day-to-day basis. With a talent for scripting clever metaphors and acute attention to wordplay Don Von took his passion from looseleaf pages to stages sharpening his craft by performing at various shows and open mics through out the city. He soon earned the reputation of being the next fresh face on the come up. Don Von JoVi's sound; a fusion of Soul, Hip Hop, and Rock is what makes him stand out from the pack. With no limits to the imagination, his music can be described as universal and eclectic. Aside from handling writing duties Don Von JoVi, plays the roles of vocalist and producer. A man of few words his star quality shines brightly through his music. With the release of the single; 80's Baby (Bring It Back!) Don Von JoVi is poised to bring that feel good music back to the masses.

"Let the music speak for itself and the rest will follow" - Don Von JoVi

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