December 31, 2008

Words From....

If you are like me you're relieved to see another year in passing. 2008 was hectic. I lived, I loved, I lost. These last 12 months have been filled with sleepless nights, countless studio sessions, drama, stress, excitement and of course music. I have no resolutions and for the new year I plan not to make any. Instead I will just go with the flow. I will continue to live, love and experience life. Instead of proclaiming resolutions I've taken a pro active approach with my goal setting. Less chat, more act. It's self explanatory. Now before I stumble into a drunken frenzy with this evenings festivities I'd like to shout out all my family. I know that I can be a stubborn MF but for sticking by my side I am forever in gratitude. '09 I got this!

"Haters & Jackers Fall Back!!!"

*Bonus* Skillz - 2008 Wrap Up

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