March 02, 2010

Video: Lyricism and Capitalism

Jay Smooth tackles the subject of lyricism, or lack of, in modern Hip-Hop.

"Look, I’m a lyrics guy moreso than anything. Give me a fucking lyrically genius a capella and I’m a pig in shit. But at the same time, there are countless non-lyrical, throwaway, dare I say straight-up ignorant songs that I enjoy immensely. My problem is with this fucking mentality that it’s somehow cool to strive to not be nice. If you’re not the greatest lyricist, but you have a talent for making great music in spite of it, then great, more power to you. Honestly, you don’t even have to be saying anything of consequence, but the least you can do is say it in a clever way. But to set out to say nothing? And then revel in it and disrespect people who are saying something? All in the name of getting as much money as possible in as little time? That’s bullshit, you should kill yourself, and may every fucking dollar you have ever earned on the backs of people who actually care about this thing of ours turn to dust."

Eskay - Nah Right

Jay Smooth deserves a TV show for the gems he drops.  - IMO

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