February 07, 2011

Video: J.Dilla - Still Shining' (Documentary)

Legendary producer/artist J.Dilla is a wunderkind who truly touched the souls of all those who encountered his music. It's hard to believe that it's been four years since his passing. His contributions to "Hip Hop" as a culture is endless. His discography reads like a who's who of Hip Hop. From ATCQ to Common to Slum Village and more. The list seems endless. As a fan what made me pay attention was his details and genuine love for his craft. His music is timeless and records made ten years ago sound just as fresh as the the day they were created. Directed by Brian "B.Kyle" Atkins "Still Shining" is look at the man from those closest to him. Peep the breakdown of the various segments after the jump.

J. Dilla: Still Shining

(2:55) - Work Ethic Starts In The Basement

(7:35) - What To Listen For in A Dilla Beat

(9:10) - J.Dilla's Range As A Producer. The King of Reinvention

(12:16) - Going Beyond His Influences

(14:39) - The Dilla Approach To Production

(20:21) - Jay The Producer vs Jay The MC

(26:08) - The Personal Side of J.Dilla

(29:04) - A Soldier Unstoppable!

(32:05) - Venturing Out. (as explained by Phat Kat)

(33:59) - Heading Home... Job Well Done.

(34:48) - We Salute You.

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