November 10, 2010

Late Pass: Tennille

With the constant influx of new artists I find there is quantity but quality is lacking. Sometimes there's just "too much" Every so often you come across an artist that exemplifies "originality." Case in point is Tennille.

A frequent collaborator with "The Cool Kids" and "Pac Div" Tennille is a mix of Erykah Badu, MIA, Blondie, and still very much true to herself.  After listening to her mixtape "A Bronx Tale" I was impressed. To categorize Tennille would be an injustice as listening to "A Bronx Tale" you'll hear influences of Techno, Hip Hop, and R&B but no one more than the other. Hit the link and check it out for yourself.

Mixtape - "A Bronx Tale"

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