August 06, 2010

IMO: Time Waits For No Man

This morning while trying to get myself together I began to think about time. The idea is that time is something we can never hold on to, that it constantly moves even when we do not. I for one always feel that there is never enough. I'm always looking for more whether it's prep time getting ready in the morning or a few more minutes courtesy of the snooze button. Why do the things we enjoy seem to just speed by, whereas the things we dread take an eternity to end? In the company of friends time is something that we rarely account for but in the office there is always a dash as of quitting time. I use these two examples as they are two completely different environments. Is it that certain social settings merit our attention more than others? Or is it the people we share our time with that make it that more special? I heard once that a man with too much time can only get himself into trouble. What I think is if you have too much you need to give me some!

The Homie

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