February 15, 2010

Stack Bundles - Rock Scrams + Can’t Take That From Me

Says Skyzoo:

"Some of you might have known and some might not, but Stack Bundles (RIP) was a really good friend of mine as well as someone I was in a group with back in the day. So with that being said, I’m doing anything possible to help keep his name alive. Recently his best friends and family reached out and asked me to help with the promotion for a new Bundles project dropping TOMORROW with ALL NEW MATERIAL. For those that don’t know, Bundles had a Pac work ethic, so there are hundreds of songs he left to his friends and crew to get out if anything ever happened."

So tomorrow, “HIP HOP’S SAVIOR”, an all-new EP/pre-album will be dropping strictly on iTunes. Stack’s debut album “Rock Star” is slated for release this summer (I’ll be helping with the promo & release of that as well,) so this is the warm up before it drops. If you can post it on your sites and spin the records on your tapes/radio shows that’d be greatly appreciated. Thanx y’all. RIP Stack Bundles.

Stack Bundles - Rock Scrams

Stack Bundles - Can’t Take That From Me

New Stack I aint mad.
Via Nahright

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